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Star College Scheme for Strengthening of Science Education and Training at Undergraduate Level,

Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi,India.

D.A.V. (P.G.) College, Muzaffarnagar came into existence in 1950. It is the first and foremost institution in Muzaffarnagar district and adjoining areas, dedicated to impart higher learning with strong tradition of research to the urban and rural students as well. this college has been awarded the CPE (College with Potential for Excellence) status by UGC, New Delhi. National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has also awarded A grade to D.A.V. College after second cycle of assessment.

In the Year 2019, Six Departments (Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Zoology) has been considered under STAR COLLEGE SCHEME for strengthening of Science Education and Training at Undergraduate level by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi.The college has opened its portals to undergraduate students by introducing several degree programs, which are of relevance to national progress and development. In the changing scenario, research focus has been shifted to UG research on development of scholarly traits in students as well as its effect on institutions.

After getting the Star College Scheme by DBT, New Delhi, a constant qualitative improvement has been noticed amongst students.The Star College Scheme enabled the supported Departments to procure new equipment's in multiple numbers as a result of which students are able to handle the instruments individually which has increased their confidence level. The scheme also generated opportunities for the students to attend the lectures delivered by renowned scientists/professors in their respective fields and practical sessions conducted under their supervision besides opportunities to interact with them. After getting support from DBT, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary training program in the supported departmentsincreased. This helped UG students to learn the various new techniques.New instruments and library facilities generated with the help of Star college scheme, to which students have easy access resulted in to overall improvement in teaching quality. Exposure to experimental design and execution of projects developed the scientific aptitude in students after the support.

In NEP many skill development programmes has been introduced at UG level. This will not only enhance the quality of students and faculty in the system, but also help generate relevant scholarly research that would contribute to the country. Therefore we intend to collaborate with all science departments and this will enhance the collaborative learning involving joint intellectual efforts by students and student- teacher together.

Dr. Manju Chauhan                                                                          Dr. Lalit Kumar

Course Coordinator, DBT- Star College Scheme                                                                                                                    Principal

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IInd year release order

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